“Industrial Rice”Intelligent Manufacturing: The Innovation Path Of Fastener Industry


The rise of digital technology has given a huge boost to the industrial internet, effectively facilitating the efficient flow of factors of production, such as data, for the enterprise in Product Innovation, business model innovation and technological innovation to provide more support.

With the development of the trend of digital transformation in the economic society, it is very important to promote the enterprises in traditional industries to carry out scientific and efficient digital transformation, this is of great significance to stimulate the vitality of the operating body, build new competitive advantages and achieve high-quality development.

The screw, though unremarkable, is an indispensable necessity in industry. It plays an important role in our daily use of watches, mobile phones, fast cars and high-speed rail, space vehicles and other fields.

Screws, also known as fasteners, as the most basic mechanical parts, the most commonly used one, is widely used in engineering construction, automobile manufacturing, energy machinery, aerospace and other industries, known as“Industrial rice”. China is the world’s largest manufacturer of fasteners.

With the upgrading and transformation of the manufacturing industry, the downstream industry needs more and more fasteners with high strength, high performance, high precision and high added value, traditional low-tech content, low-quality, low value-added, weak brand development has been difficult to continue, to enhance the quality of the fastener industry and upgrade the trend.

Digital technology and intelligent manufacturing become the key to many enterprises breakthrough. Digital transformation promotes enterprise management upgrading. Yongnian, a fastener company in Handan, Hebei Province, specializes in the production of drill-tail screws. It is committed to building a high-end digital and green workshop, and has solved the problems of rising costs and inconsistent product quality. In a fastener company in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, a 24-meter-high, 4,000-square-meter three-dimensional warehouse has realized the automation of warehousing and delivery, inventory, clearance and other links, it only takes 25 minutes to fill a standard container container, increasing loading efficiency by 30% .


The integration of digital technology into enterprise management can optimize the operation of enterprises through digital means, thus improving efficiency. Intelligent manufacturing contributes to the improvement of enterprise efficiency. In the workshop of a new energy technology company in Hunan Province, robots have replaced humans, with extended robotic arms in an orderly manner to perform conditioning, hot forging, machining, surface treatment and other operations, the processing time of embedded screw sleeve was shortened by 70% , and the output was increased by 72% .

With the support of intelligent manufacturing systems covering the whole process of R & D, purchasing, supply, scheduling, production, quality control, enterprise management, warehousing and logistics, the company has achieved innovation and breakthrough in a series of products from single product to multiple sub-fields, and the market share of the embedded screw sleeve products of wind power is the first in the world. Making full use of digital technology can improve the production efficiency of traditional industries, is a good grasp of supply-side structural reform.


Industrial Internet applications enable companies up and down the supply chain to connect quickly. Ningbo, Zhejiang province set up an industrial internet platform for the fastener industry, providing digital factory solutions for the fastener industry, connecting the internal and external chains of enterprises, it realizes the intelligent interconnection of man, machine, material, law and ring, helps enterprises to break down data barriers, eliminate information islands and improve r & D efficiency. The Industrial Internet supported by digital technology has promoted the efficient flow of production factors and provided more support for enterprises to carry out product innovation, business model innovation and technological innovation.

The transformation of the screw industry is a microcosm of China’s traditional manufacturing industry embracing digitization.

With the rapid development of high-end industries such as aerospace and major equipment manufacturing, the market prospects for high-end fasteners are broad. Facing challenges, seizing opportunities, and constantly innovating, even small screws can stand firm and occupy an advantageous position in the fierce market competition, becoming a model for traditional industries to develop towards high-end, intelligent, and green.

Post time: Jun-27-2023