Japanese Company Designs“Flower Screw”


Helicodesign is designing a flower screw called Fa-head, which takes the unique curves, surfaces and arcs of thepetals and applies the laws of nature to create a uniqueshape of the screw head, the function of restraining loosening and restraining locking deformation is realized.

The design of this screw is the idea of Mr. Yamamura, the President of the company, but the real inventor was only three years old. When Yamamura was designing the shape of the screws in 2015, his three-year-old daughter ran up to him and said,“The screws that dad made aren’t cute at all! Flowers are the ones that look good!” prompting him to start researching the feasibility of producing flower screws. As a cold-pressing T-path designer, he redrew hundreds of model drawings and constantly considered forging performance to design the screw.

Post time: Sep-19-2022