The Class Clowns In the Fasteners

All said that all walks of life have their own class clown, fastener industry is no exception, fastener“class clown” is in fact a special fastener, also known as irregular parts. Different from our standard fasteners, they are in the form or use of a unique“Excellence”, even  the experienced master   do not dare say they know exactly all the special fasteners!

Cage Nut

The shape of the cage nut is special. There is a square nut in the square box. The square nut is not only through-hole, but also has thread. It is suitable for guide rail and field assembly.



Crest to Crest Wave Spring

Yes, as the name implies, it looks like a wave, similar to the shape of the common cylindrical spiral spring, wave-shaped flat wire by the peak of the wave to the peak spiral .



Slotted Anti-theft  Screw

These screws are similar to coach screws but have something  different. Its top is slotted, the vertical part is a cutting-like thread, the end is pointed or tapered, commonly used for metal, slate, plastic bench thin plate installation Pin

Elastic Cylindrical Pin

Also known as spring pin, generally headless hollow cylinder, the axis of the sawtooth-shaped slot, because it has good elasticity and shear resistance, used for parts between the fixed, linked, fixed mainly.


Grommet Nut

Grommet nus usually have threads throughout the nut interior with a blind hole. Usually used as car, ship, elevator and other interior parts, play the role of plate connection.



Precautions For Using Special Fasteners

01 Pay attention tomaterial details

For example, the first“Gas stove” fastener-Cage nut, its materials are generally carbon steel and stainless steel, these two materials have advantages and disadvantages, according to the use of specific scenarios, budgets and other choices, make the best use of the fastener is the first choice to connect life!

02 Size matters

Before installation of special fasteners , make it clear  the size of the plate andparts to be fastened,  this can not“Mix and match” ! Otherwise, seemingly minor problems such as bolt looseness and breakage can lead to a series of butterfly effect and even safety accidents.

03 Master the  installation method

Of course, the installation method of special fasteners is relatively special. In many cases, special tools need to be used to install them. At this time, it will test the professionalism and patience of the installation master. After putting in the pre-made holes, it is best to ensure that the surface of special fasteners is kept smooth and free of burrs.

Post time: Sep-05-2023