The Second Competition Of Fastener Anti-looseness Performance Was Successfully Completed



On June 4, the 2023 of the 2nd Panasonic Performance Invitational, jointly organised by Zhejiang State Procuratorate, Chinese screwnet, Gusi Chuang and Tiancheng Industry, was held at Haiyan State Procuratorate building as scheduled, chinese screwdriver provides full media support. The aim of this competition is to evaluate the comprehensive quality and application ability of fasteners by evaluating the anti-looseness performance, ease of installation and reusability, and to provide decision-making basis for manufacturers and users in various industries.

On the day of the competition, the experts and scholars in the field of fastener loose-proof gathered in China to test and test the problem of fastener loose-proof bolts in the process of connecting and assembling, which helped the technical progress and development of the industry. At 9:30, the game officially began, the entire event on-line live broadcast to fully ensure that the game fair, fair and open. The anti-looseness products of all the participating enterprises come on stage one by one, and the clamping force and other numerical real-time monitoring during the test process, the slower the clamping force decreases, the better the anti-looseness performance of the products. After a day of intense tests, the winner of the invitational was finally determined.



After the competition, on June 5, at the 2nd National Conference on high-end fasteners, held in the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, the Fastener anti-looseness Performance Invitational competition award ceremony. A total of 26 products stand out and won the excellent award, the organizer awarded certificates and certificates to the award-winning units. After the awards, the conference also invited relevant experts to hold a high-end fastener loose technology forum.




Post time: Jun-19-2023