Chen Tao Attends and Delivers a Speech at the Opening Ceremony of the China Shanghai International Fastener Industry Expo

On May 22nd, the 2023 China Shanghai International Fastener Industry Expo opened at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall. District Mayor Chen Tao attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Afterwards, he visited the National Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrading Base and relevant enterprise exhibition halls in our district to observe the exhibition. District leader Dong Hongkun, and leaders from the Fastener Industry Development Service Center and the Commerce Bureau attended.



Chen Tao gave a detailed introduction to the situation, location advantages, and industrial foundation of Yongnian District. He sincerely invited participating entrepreneurs and friends from home and abroad to meet in the hometown of Tai Chi and the charming Yongnian. Chen Tao pointed out that Yongnian is a globally renowned “fastener capital of China”, with a strong foundation in the fastener industry, a complete industrial chain, and a developed logistics system. At present, the entire region is actively building a “manufacturing strong zone” and a “logistics strong zone”, fully promoting the upgrading of the fastener industry, and building a “global fastener production and sales distribution center”. We sincerely invite participating entrepreneurs to Yongnian to seek cooperation opportunities, ride the wind and waves, and soar in the wind and waves of industrial transformation. Chen Tao stated that Yongnian will always adhere to the concept of “pro business, safe business, and prosperous business”, and spare no effort to build an “entrepreneurial highland” with the best policies, the lowest costs, and the best services, allowing investors to invest with a green light and a prosperous career. Welcome to Yongnian for inspection, docking, and cooperation to achieve mutual benefit, win-win results, and common development.

After the opening ceremony, Chen Tao visited the exhibition hall of the National Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrading Base and the exhibition area of companies such as Guozhi Machinery and Yongte Fastener Manufacturing in our district to observe the exhibition. He inquired in detail about the exhibition experience and order situation of enterprises, and learned about product research and development, brand building, and other aspects. He encouraged enterprises to use large-scale exhibition platforms such as the Shanghai Expo to timely grasp domestic and foreign market trends, and better display, promote, and sell products. We hope that enterprises can rely on the advantages of the national foreign trade transformation and upgrading base, make good use of both domestic and international markets and resources, consolidate foreign trade exports, and expand foreign markets. At the same time, we need to increase innovation efforts, target the high-end of the industry chain and value chain, increase research and development efforts, work hard to improve quality and strengthen brands, increase product added value, and enhance the visibility and reputation of Yongnian fasteners.

At Shanghai Hardware and Mineral Development Co., Ltd., Chen Tao and General Manager Wang Qiang had a docking discussion on the high-end fastener import and export centralized mining center project. They hoped to strengthen communication and exchange with Shanghai Minmetals, deepen cooperation, work together to explore the international market, expand the scale of foreign trade exports, and fully promote the transformation and development of the foreign industry and high-quality development. Wang Qiang stated that the company will actively purchase Yongnian fastener products, strengthen docking negotiations, accelerate cooperation, and strive for rapid progress in the project.

Post time: Jun-01-2023