How to remove the rusty screws? These tricks will help you get rid of all!


It is believed that many people in life have encountered some problems of geting rid of the rusty screws. Today we will tell you how to easily unscrew the rusty screws. let’s take a look at it!

1. We can use the wrench to screw the screws, and then use the hammer to hit the wrench’s handle position, so that after a few strokes, the rusty parts inside will be due to the impact and loosen, it will be much easier if you screw it again.

2. You can also use the method of fire.  Gas welding oxidation flame will give  the screws and nuts full burn for a while, and then dip a few dr0psof oil  to the red-burning screws to let the screws quickly cool, this can increase the gap between the screw and nut, making the screw unscrewed easily.

3. If the screw is slippery, we can put a small rubber block on it to increase the friction.

4.We can also try using vinegar to remove rusty screws. Sprinkle vinegar on rusty screws to dissolve some of the rust, and wait a while to twist the rusty screws easily.

If the above methods are not good, you need the help of professional tools:

5. with the help of nut opener. The Nut Breaker is a special tool for cutting and removing corroded nuts which can not be disassembled. The utility model is composed of a hydraulic cylinder, a cutter and a tool holder, and adopts the form of a single-acting return hydraulic cylinder, which cuts the nut into two halves at one time without damaging the thread thread buckle and the screw rod. Meanwhile it can solves the difficult problem of disassembling and replacing the bolt and the nut efficiently.



Post time: Sep-29-2022