Japan Tang Introduced The Production Of High-Grip Embedded Nuts




Japan Fastener Company , Tang,  created a  type of embedded nuts , which are used to lock screws and bolts into the resin products. Tange’s high-grip embedded nuts increase the area of contact with the resin and are not easy to shed from the resin. Only by stamping on the surface of the nut to produce a very deep concave-convex shape, than the general cutting out of the embedded nut is easier to mass production, which is a major feature. The drawing strength of the product more than 2-3 times, the strength of torsion is also greatly improved. The cold-rolled steel sheet is free of harmful substances and cheap in price. It can be used in automobile, motor and other industries.

The company currently offers M4, M5 and M6 sizes and expects to sell 500,000 units a month after the end of the year.



Post time: Nov-02-2022