“Made In China” amazed the Qatar World Cup : What Impact Does It Have On The Fastener Industry?


The main stadium of the 2022 World Cup – Russell Stadium, as an activity venue, has frequently been on the hot search. Most notably, it is the first World Cup venue constructed by China as the general design and construction contractor, which has created many Chinese and world records. It is known as the World Cup main stadium with the largest scale, the most complex system, the highest design standard, the most advanced technology and the highest degree of internationalization in the world.


In the selection of fasteners, such large-scale infrastructure must be strict. For example, the general performance of the locknut can not meet the requirements of the stadium, so the high-strength locknut dedicated to large-scale infrastructure equipment and facilities should be used, and the product manufacturing, testing and heat treatment should pass the standard.

High strength bolts are also often used in building structures, but high strength bolts commonly used in building structures cannot be reused, so the requirements for such bolts are higher. High strength bolts are generally Grade 8.8 and Grade 10.9, of which Grade 10.9 is the most widely used.


The machining precision of high strength fasteners for automobile engine is very high. The precision and stability of machining equipment are very important. The fasteners used in the field vehicles in Qatar are more strict, and there is a perfect management system for the selection and testing of equipment.

If fastener enterprises want to match high-performance new energy vehicles, they need to develop and improve new materials, improve manufacturing technology, make the car and fastener closely fit, synchronous research and development, and finally the vehicle and fastener function highly match and cooperate, so as to move forward into a more important field.


The success of “Made in China” in the Qatar World Cup is a testament to China’s continuous progress in manufacturing and research and development. Scientific and technological innovation and equipment manufacturing are all strong backing. In the process of continuous innovation, Chinese fasteners appear in every large-scale infrastructure, high-speed rail and aviation, and are moving towards becoming the high-end supporting industrial chain of many industries.

Post time: Dec-07-2022